Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ambositra, Madagascar Week 3

May 18, 2015

Well, nothing really happened this week, I was sick one day though, so that is something. Last Wednesday I just felt awful, my head was pounding all day, every time my heart would beat (and it was beating fast mind) my head would just kill. It felt like I was banging it against the door of a taxi be over and over again, which would most certainly result in brain damage I think. So that lasted one day, one day of suffering, but we worked on Thursday because my head got better. But then my throat starting hurting like nothing else. Every time I would swallow it felt like I was was banging my throat against the top of the door of a taxi be (taxi bes are not my favorite mode of transportation as you can tell). Malagasies really ought to invent a better mode of transportation. Cramming 30 people into a minivan and driving across thin, swerving, and holy streets (holy in this case referring to the extraordinary amount of holes that are in the roads), taxi bes are not fun at all. But, I am feeling pretty good right now, so all is well I suppose.

Here in Ambositra we have a lot of strong investigators, but, there is one small problem, no one wants to go to church. Which is a bit surprising when you think of the fact that nearly every one here in Madagascar dresses up and goes to church on Sundays. The most popular church here is the FJKM. The Church of Jesus Christ here in Madagascar. I don't know if it is just me, but I highly doubt that the true church is a church that is only found in Madagascar. Who knows though, maybe Jesus was actually a Malagasy and established his true church here in Madagascar. We never can be too sure. So every Malagasy will go to church on Sunday, but no one wants to go to our church. Life is hard I guess. Maybe we should all just go to the FJKM (sarcasm intended).

Last P Day we went to a lake in Antsirabe (I don't remember the name) but it is a way cool place. It is a nice change seeing a body of water that isn't an unearthly shade of brown, a very nice change indeed. The lake was way cool, very still and very clean. It was a pretty fun experience. Malagasies also believe that there are weird half fish-half human things living in the lake, so it is kind of sacred or something to them. I didn't see any mutant creatures though, I was a little disappointed about that. But it was fun.

I still hate bugs. Dang, the pests are annoying. I just did a nice little count, and I have 10 separate flea bites just on my right foot. It is extremely annoying. They just keep on biting all day and all night. I will probably be getting like the Black Death or something from all of the bites, but worse things have happened I guess. I still find that somewhat humorous and terrifying that Madagascar still has outbreaks of the bubonic plague, I was always told in History classes that that disease has been extinct for a while now, but not here in Madagascar. Maybe if people would start showering regularly they would have less diseases, who knows? I have started to become the same way though, showering once every two days now (which feels really gross). It just sucks having to take a freezing cold shower every morning, though, it does wake me up fairly quickly. I always imagine a scene from Titanic whenever I shower, "Don't let go Rose, don't let go". It is literally that cold. We were supposed to move in like 2 days but the power and water still hasn't come for the new house, so we are stuck in the North Pole for a little bit longer. Malagasies rarely hit deadlines, here they have a thing called "fotoana gasy", which means malagasy time. And they use it as an excuse to always be late, they are literally never on time. Church here always starts 15 minutes or so late in order to accommodate fotoana gasy. If we started on time there would only be the missionaries and the Branch President (sometimes) to pray. The struggle.

But, I don't think there is really anything else that was outside of the usual this week, so that is all.

Elder Anderson

                                                       Lake Tritriva


This is a picture of some cute kids. One is the daughter of our investigator Nahary.

Taxi be selfie (it got even more cramped after the photo was taken).

My area in Ambositra. (Click on the pic a for bigger view)



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