Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ambohimanarina, Madagascar Week 18

April 20, 2015

This week felt pretty fast. I have one more week left in this area and then I am hopefully changing. I am still not 100 percent sure, but all signs say that I am going to change areas in this next transfer, so that is good. Elder Tangarasi even revelated and claimed to know that I was being transferred, so I'm hopeful.

Elder Evans and I are still doing our fair share of tracting right now. There seems to be a shortage of people interested in learning about the restoration, a real shame it is. Though, we have found some new people that hopefully will continue in their faith and continue to want to learn from the missionaries. We can only but hope. Tracting... going door to door is just not that fun for me, I say me because maybe some of you have fun going door to door, I don't know. I just really don't like it. Something about getting doors (curtains) slammed (abruptly shut left to right) in your face door after door (shack after wood hut) just isn't my cup of tea (herbal of course). But yeah, it is pretty funny.

If I had 50 Malagasy Ariary for every time that a investigator promised me he would come to church and didn't I would probably have like 5,000 Ariary. That could get me fries and a drink from an expensive restaurant or about 5 plates of rice and laoka from a regular hotely. Not bad. Lots of people like promising that they will come worship with us, but rarely they ever do. A minor setback. I just wish everyone would come just once in order to feel what it feels like, you feel me? Maybe in the Millennium everyone will come to church with us, who knows?

Yesterday I was eating dinner with some members (a humble meal only, but I wasn't expecting 50 Dollar steak), and I noticed that the piece of meat I was eating had 3 prongish things that all connected at the ends and fanned out. I then realized that I had just enjoyed my first chicken foot. It wasn't half bad. I wasn't even mad when I realized that it was a chicken foot, I just kept on eating it. Food is food. But naturally, my mind began to focus on images of the sickly, pathetic, dirty chickens in Madagascar that search in the above-ground sewage lines for their meals and my stomach churned a bit from the horrifying thought. But, today I am fine, my stool was no softer than usual, so no harm done.

I honestly can't think of anything else that was particularly exciting this week, so that is probably all for today.

Elder Anderson

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