Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ambohimanarina, Madagascar Week 9 'Not Bad'

February 17, 2015                

Well this week was "not bad" look up "not bad Obama meme" on the computer. But yeah, this week we had 6 investigators come to church, I think that was more than last week (correct me if I'm wrong). We taught like 25 lessons as well (as long as 15 minute spiritual thoughts count as lessons). 

Last week I went on splits with Elder Razazarohavana again, but this time we were in my area. I thought I did pretty good leading the way, we only got lost like 3 times! (one time I was wandering around for like 2 hours lol). My area is too big, hopefully I have the whole thing memorized before my companion probably leaves next transfer in 4 weeks (stated simpler: pray for me (no, but really, I need all the help I can get)). I did learn a lot when I had to guide us around the area without Elder Schroedter, so that's good. I just wish that there was some map or something I could use, there is literally nothing in the area book, just the occasional crude drawing from a crude Elder crudely attempting to explain the crude location of our crudely interested investigators. So my life is pretty hard right now (no maps = no fun). 

The other day Elder Schroedter and I taught T--- again (the drunk-off-his-knocker half-French half-Gaser), but this time he was sober (it was really weird to be honest, I had no idea what the good chap was like when he hadn't just downed a whiskey or five). But yeah, I guess our lesson from last week did have some impact in fact (my good mate wasn't fooling around when he passionately kissed the Word of Wisdom pamphlet, whilst praising that he loved it from the week prior). This last lesson that we had this past week he told us that he believes that the Word of Wisdom is an important commandment to keep and that it, wait for it, has lots of wisdom. He told us that when he gets some church pants he will come to church, I am almost tempted to just buy the lad some slacks (anything to get an investigator to come to church). So yeah, I am way excited for T---, every missionary needs one of the classic stories where a man changes from the town drunk to the 1st counselor in the local bishopric. I really feel like he is going to change and accept the Book of Mormon and the gospel.

Today me and Elder Schroedter went to the office, a very uninspiring journey (nothing relaxes me more than sitting (if you can even call it that) on a poor Malagasy half my size in a hot, cramped, over sized clown car for a duration of 2 and a half hours. Although it doesn't take long because of the distance, but because of the traffic here. The gentleman who designed the roads here probably wasn't the brightest. They are the size of 1-way roads in America but have 2 lanes of traffic and pedestrians walking on them. The times when I have to ride the Taxi-be are definitely not my favorite times of the day. Although, my testimony was strengthened when the baby that was on it's mother's lap who was sitting right next to me barfed all over the place, barely missing me. The baby's face was literally, no joke, facing straight at me mere seconds before the explosion. I now know, of a surety, that God does in fact exist.

Well folks, that's about all I've got time for this week. I bid you all farewell.

Elder Anderson, the Tamer of Drunks

​I got some weird red bump under my eye, it looked like Elder Shroedter socked me in the face. I think it was a flea bite acting up or something, it is gone now, but it got really big.

Dinner at a nice restaurant. It was pretty expensive for Madagascar, like 3 bucks.

Haircut time. I get my hair cut in a tiny shack about 4 foot by 4 foot. It costs about 90 cents. My comp says I look like I just joined the army!

A blurry picture of a huge spider in our apartment. It was way bigger than any of the spiders I ever found in my basement back home.

The squashed dead spider. My finger doesn't do his size justice, I didn't put my finger all the way on the wall - so the perspective is off.

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