Monday, February 2, 2015

Ambohimanarina, Madagascar Week 7

February 2, 2015                

Well the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this week was the fact that I was sick for a few days. I got some feverish thing and a cold, probably the flu or something. Anyways, we didn't leave the house for a day and a half because of it, I was feeling pretty sick. This week we had a really low number of investigators show up at church, so low, in fact, that I won't tell you (there was 1). Most of our strongest investigators had semi-decent excuses though (for example, one said that she just straight up slept through church), so all is good in the hood.

Today is the last day of my first transfer in my first area in the last hour before P-day ends. Most of the missionaries in my room were excited, but I was like "whatever, that's nice" and went to bed before the news was announced. It isn't like I was going to switch areas or anything, I am still in the middle of the training program. This transfer doesn't really affect me at all, my entire house will still be the same, nothing really different.

The other day I went on a split with Elder Hein (the ZL) and I thought it was enjoyable. The first few hours we just searched for a new house around our area, we didn't find anything promising though. After that we taught two lessons, one was to a less-active member, and the other was to an investigator. The lessons went well, I understood a lot more than I thought I would, I was never really lost or confused during any part of them. The first lesson was about repentance, the second about fasting. The second lesson was a dinner appointment as well, so I got (had) to eat day old sea-food from a party the day prior. I literally was about to plug my nose while eating the rice, it tasted very sour and fishy. The fish looked extremely nasty (it tasted better than it looked (it would've been hard otherwise). The food had literally been sitting out all day in the heat since the night of the party, they had no refrigerator or anything. And there was loads of it as well, it was all cold, old, sea food. Elder Hein told me that during the day of the party when the food was fresh and warm that it was some of the best food he has consumed in Madagascar. I personally wasn't too impressed by the cold, fish stuff. I tried to eat as little as possible, while still being polite in order to not get sick, it didn't exactly work. The next morning Elder Hein and I had upset stomachs. If I'm like dead or something in a week, you will all know why. It has always been my motto to avoid fishy looking fish, but exceptions must be made in the presence of investigators of the church. Moral of the story: Malagasy stomachs can handle almost anything, mine can't handle jack.

Earlier this week we taught English in 2 classes. One experienced class, and one noob class. I taught an hour and a half of the latter. The start was a bit rough, I started out teaching them how to say "hello" and "how are you" of course it was 15 minutes of that nonsense when they revealed to me that they already knew how to say "hello". I then switched gears to a more advanced level and had the whole class introduce themselves "Mai nehm ees Fifaliana. Aye ehm fraum Ambohimanarina. Aye ehm dix-huit yirs auld." Most of them were about that good anyways. I then went through and talked about animals, colors, continents, and languages and had them all tell me their favorite of the above categories. Most would just answer with the simple dog, cat, black, blue, Africa, and Malagasy or french or English. But at least they learned something (they learned how bad my knowledge of the following Malagasy Vocabulary: Animals, Colors, Continents, and world languages.) But in the end, I had a pretty good time teaching.

Well, that is all. Pray for the fish in my stomach, or ,to be even more appropriate, pray for my stomach that is holding the fish.

Benjamin finally sent some pictures! He couldn't send many because the connection was bad.

At home in Ambohimanarina

Ambohimanarina river/sewage

Ambohimanarina trash mountain

A pic from the MTC 

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