Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antananarivo, Madagascar Mission, MTC Week 5

December 11, 2014

So I leave to Madagascar in 4 days from today, I am way excited. Let's just hope that I Don't get infected with the Black Death while I am there. The flight looks pretty miserable haha, it is supposedly going to take 54 hours to get from Salt Lake to Madagascar. If I remember correctly, Madagascar is the farthest country from Utah. 

This week has been pretty good so far. The 1st Counselor was MIA on Tuesday during the District Meeting so we combined our 3-member district with an 11-member one. It was a miraculous feeling having other missionaries besides me conversing in the Devotional Review. I am very glad that Sunday will be my last 3-Member District Meeting (hopefully). 

At this moment in time I feel fairly adequate in my language ability. My teachers have all told me that I am doing the best out of the 3 of us. Last week we had some 1 on 1 team (Teacher and Student) and whereas my companions were reviewing grammar principles that they individually struggled with during that time, my teacher just had a conversation with me in Malagasy. One of my teachers remarked that I, "Must have a photographic memory or something" due to the fact that almost all of the words that I see I can remember. I personally feel that my short-term memory is very good, in contrast with my less-than-perfect long-term memory. During school whenever I would take a test all I had to do was review the new information for a nearly non-existent amount of time the night before, the next test I would easily ace the test. As soon as I was done with the test the information left my memory.

Well I am out of time for today, the next time I email you I will be across the world in Africa. 

Elder Anderson

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