Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antananarivo, Madagascar Mission, MTC Week 3

November 27, 2014

I thought I would write with a little holiday humor today, I hope you enjoy - haha.

Today is a special Thanksgiving schedule consisting of only the best activities; including but not limited to eating a special Thanksgiving Dinner (a sack lunch: the kind we usually eat on P-day for Lunch) and participating in a Humanitarian Project. Not included in today's schedule: Temple, laundry, emails, preparing, sleeping. Technically speaking I'm not supposed to be writing today. Instead of a p-day today we get a busy Thanksgiving schedule (which doesn't include dinner) so hopefully my clothes won't smell too awful after 2 weeks. Elder Bednar came to the devotional in the morning today and hosted a Q&A session, so naturally by dumb luck only the poorly thought 2nd-grader questions got answered. I won't share any with you in the hope that your minds may be spared.

I am learning the language at a good pace, I can say lots of things relating to church-matters. When my teacher speaks in Malagasy I can understand a lot of it, but not all of it. I am ahead of my 2 companions language-wise from what I can discern. My favorite part is learning, the rest I am not too fond of. The devotionals with the random people that no one really knows usually put me to sleep, an uncomfortable sleep mind. There was one specific instance where the entire 30 mins of some random 2nd counselor of the managing district or something just used up his talk time by having random Elders and Sisters from the audience read pre-chosen verses of scriptures, it seemed to me as if we I heard the entirety of the book of Alma shared in the longest half an hour in my life.

Right now my district is supposed to be doing activities in the classroom as decided by the District Leader like writing in journals, reading the scriptures, or studying the language. But as I am the district leader (it was either me or my companions who don't speak English) we are instead illegally using the computer to email. Out of the 4 Thursdays I have been here I have only had 2 P-days, kind of sad if you think about it. I wouldn't judge if you all shed a tear on my behalf.

There are only 2 and a half weeks left at the MTC, so I am filled with joy. Soon I will be out of the fire and into the frying pan.

My teacher shared a few stories about his mission that I thought were funny. One of the stories was when his companions messed up a word and when trying to say Joseph smith was killed by evil men, instead said "Joseph Smith was breastfed by evil men" that was pretty funny. The other funny story he shared was when his companionship was teaching and his companions said, "When we read the Book of Mormon we get naked" the investigators were taken back and responded, "Wait, you have to get naked to read the Book of Mormon?" and the companion responded with a sincere "Marina izany" (which means that is true). I thought that that story was pretty funny. The verb to get strong and to get naked are very similar in Malagasy. To get strong is Matanjaka and to get naked is Matanjika. My teacher's companion was trying to explain that, "When we read the Book of Mormon we get power"

Well my time is running short, I can hear the MTC police walking down the hallway. I just wanted everyone to know that I love them all. Good luck in life.

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